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Nephele is an instrumental progressive metal band combining influences across multiple genres and mediums. Incorporating soaring melodies, intricate riffs, funky breakdowns, and intimate ambient moments, Nephele has something to offer for everyone. 



Time Under Tension

and Beyond



2017 - 2020



Nephele was founded in 2015 by drummer Jake Horne when he enlisted Tyler Bird, Leo Kern, and Jacob Toy (ex-Signs of the Swarm). The band eventually wrote and released their first EP, Echoes, which paved the foundation for the band's sound and goals of creating a unique expression of organized chaos in instrumental progressive metal. Unfortunately, Bird moved to Florida to pursue higher education, Kern left due to creative differences, and Toy joined Signs of the Swarm, leaving Jake as the only remaining member of the band. Tyler Bird is still considered a member of the band to this day, and has continued to contribute his talents to the songwriting process even after his move.

Eventually, Jake enlisted the help of Dan Suriano and Dan Lebo. The trio joined together in solidarity to write a cohesive concept EP with a shared vision of instrumental music in which the guitars did the "singing". The new compositions were focused more on melody, rhythm, and harmony while still keeping in tact the heavy, industrial characteristics of the original sound. The new sound paved way for the future of the band, and took inspiration from modern progressive acts such as Animals as Leaders, Intervals, and Plini to name a few. Lebo decided to pursue other endeavors before the EP was recorded, leaving Suriano to step up and record all guitar and bass tracks on his own. The resulting EP is titled Solidarity and was released in 2020. 

Nephele eventually came to find it's first full permaent lineup in over 5 years after meeting guitarist Charles Pershing and bassist Ben Hull. Both musicians had the skill and experience to step up and challenge themselves to learning the entire catalog of songs. Together, the band wrote its first single in two years, Time Under Tension, and got in touch with the talented Mike Semesky to write and perform the band's first ever vocal feature. Time Under Tension is the first song to be released from Nephele's upcoming EP, currently being recorded.


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